NVSTech, Inc is based in Cupertino, CA, U.S.A
It was founded in 1999 as a distributor of high and ultra high vacuum products. As the years passsed by our business grew and we started to endeavor other markets like semiconductor and solar. We started trading semiconductor and solar products within Europe, U.S and India.
Since we were working in Vacuum, Solar and semiconductor industry, we noticed a huge demand for metals like Copper, tungsten and Molybdenum in the U.S market. Hence we expanded our business to work with raw materials and finished metal products by representing few well renowned companies in China and India to sell their products in the U.S market.

  Industries we work in:
High and ultra high vacuum
Ceramics for Semiconductor industry and hybrid Circuits
Metals-Raw Materials and Finished products
Semiconductor Materials

Our relationships with a worldwide network of suppliers guarantees you the best selection at the most competitive prices. With our shipment we provide manufacturer's Certificate-of-Conformance.

At NVSTech, there are no lengthy lead times, just fast, efficient, courteous service. Most of our in- stock products are available for immediate delivery.

We take pride in having the most capable and qualified staff working in our company and we assure prompt, reliable and courteous service to each and every customer. We believe that Customer satisfaction is the most valued asset of our company which we have cherished for past 9 years and will continue to cherish in future.

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